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“The book frames itself as ‘a cautionary tale of what happens when people stand by and allow antisemitism, hate and prejudice to run rampant,’ joining a repertoire of Holocaust sources that call a new generation to action over the fascistic tendencies still alive in our world….. Moving and important.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Baker’s frank prose is expertly complemented by Ogline’s realistic and noir-like art, rendered in striking b&w ink. This affecting work, which interweaves WWII historical facts among the family’s personal history, is vital reading.” – Publishers Weekly

“…thoroughly researched graphic biography… Catering to young readers who may be unfamiliar with even the basic facts of history… Meticulous explanations of each stage of the Gold­bergs’ lives… based on the assumption that young readers need to understand the process of Nazi genocide…” – (April 2023)

“Terrific Book! Great For Young Readers!!” – (April 2023)

“This is a book that should grace the shelf of every caring person.”

It brings to life the terror and hope that undergirds the most horrific chapter of history. Enduring inhuman times while preserving their human soul this story will change the way you look at life, for the better. Do not delay a moment but immerse yourself in this true epic tale. Everyone needs to know this story… and be moved by it.

– Rabbi Jonathan Case, Beth Shalom Synagogue, Columbia SC (as published on Amazon)

“This book is a great resource for teachers of the Holocaust.”

The text is clear and the illustrations reinforce the concepts. Students love graphic novels and this one is incredible. It brings the story of two survivors to life by emphasizing how normal these people were. The students can easily identify with them. Teaching six million is difficult; teaching two young people who are like us brings the history home. The book is targeted to older students, but can easily be adapted for fifth grade as well. An incredible addition to any classroom library; this book is a treasure.

– Marlene Roth, Educator. Columbia SC (as published on Amazon)

“Timely with respect to the once again rising tide of anti-Semitism in America and overseas, “We Survived the Holocaust: The Bluma and Felix Goldberg Story” is a valued contribution to Holocaust studies for young readers ages 14-17.”

A grim reminder for a new generation to ‘Never Forget’ what can (and did) happen to millions of men, women, and children simply because of the faith they were born into. In an effective graphic history telling style for young readers, “We Survived the Holocaust: The Bluma and Felix Goldberg Story” is unreservedly recommended for middle school, highschool, and community library collections and is also available for personal reading lists in a paperback edition (9781637610206, $19.99).

– Midwest Book Review, March 2023

“A deeply moving and very human view of the most inhumane time in our history. The story of Felix and Bluma Goldberg is a lesson in the heroic spirit of the human soul and the ability to see the beauty of life and the Hand of G-d even under the worst of conditions. A triumph of the spirit!”

– Rabbi Hesh Epstein, Chabad of South Carolina

“I was able to relate to Bluma and Felix, getting to know them like friends and neighbors, making the inhumane treatment they and others were subjected to even more horrifying.”

“Fantastic Way to Expose Young People to the Holocaust”

The author does a great job of telling this incredible story of the horrors of the holocaust and a family’s story of survival. The method of using this comic book type illustration is both interesting and an innovative way to acquaint not only adults but young people to this story of survival. My hope is that this book will be a tool to send the important message of “never again” to many young people throughout this country as we read and see the rise of anti-semitism in the dangerous times in which we live. Do not start reading it if you need to be somewhere because you will not be able to put it down. Thanks to the author for a job well done.

“We Survived the Holocaust would be a powerful and impactful teaching tool for high school students and does have triggering imagery. The book meets the Sydney Taylor Book Award criteria, especially because it stresses that the Holocaust is part of the Jewish story, not the entire story.”

“The general message is survival and heroism. Bluma and Felix Goldberg’s story is totally amazing, and it’s true, which makes it even better… We Survived the Holocaust is an excellent tool for teaching children about Nazis and the Holocaust.”

Drawing Conclusions from ‘We Survived the Holocaust’

“the graphic novel is the ideal means for carrying forward ‘voices’ beyond the life-range of the testimony-holders, they are the perfect format for time-capsules” – Rabbi Emeritus Rodney J. Mariner

“A moving and powerful story, and a strong book to put on shelves” – Mom Read It