Coming September 1, 2022

We Survived the Holocaust

The Bluma & Felix Goldberg Story

Bluma Tishgarten and Felix Goldberg were both young Polish Jews caught up in the Holocaust; Adolf Hitler’s rise to power; the rise of anti-Semitism and more. Yet they survived. This is their story.

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It is estimated that along with the over 6 million Jews who were slaughtered, Hitler’s ambition to establish Nazi Germany as the global dominant force led to the deaths of more than 70 million people.
Felix and Bluma’s miraculous story of survival, combined with the rise of nationalism and fascism, leading to the extermination of millions of human beings is also a cautionary tale – a dangerous history that, if we fail to heed the warning signs, could very well be repeated.

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About The Author

Frank W. Baker


Frank W. Baker is an internationally recognized media literacy educator. He maintains the Media Literacy Clearinghouse and Close Reading The Media websites. His lifelong work in media literacy was recognised in 2019 by UNESCO. He is the author of “Close Reading The Media”  and “Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom.”

He resides in Columbia, South Carolina.

Tim Ogline


Tim’s award-winning illustrations have graced the pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Wall Street Journal, Institutional Investor, Mensa Bulletin, the Utne Reader, and Outdoor Life, just to name a few. Ogline is also the author/illustrator of Ben Franklin For Beginners, which has been called “beguiling” by Pulitzer Prizewinner Joseph J. Ellis and a “must read” by former Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell. Additionally, Geekadelphia called it “nothing short of totally brilliant.” Ogline is also currently working on his next book, Benjamin Franklin’s The Way to Wealth and Other Words of Wisdom.

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John Shableski


John Shableski is a publishing industry veteran who has created grant programs, industry awards, and graphic novel-centric professional development programs for national and international trade shows, conferences, and conventions. He currently serves as president of Reading with Pictures, an organization dedicated to the joy of reading and lifelong multi-literacy through the comic arts at all levels of education. His ultimate objective is to help struggling students discover the joy of learning.